About Me


Lisa Cohen is a Los Angeles-based hospitality public relations executive, and freelances as a food and travel writer and photographer. A native Angeleno, she is dedicated and immersed in the fast evolving restaurant scene across the city and has a tendency to obsess over her dining itinerary while traveling, from Australia to Burgundy.

After spending a summer cooking in Florence, Italy during college, she returned to pursue a career in food media–including food photography for LA’s top chefs and their tasting menus, recipe development for cookbooks, and food styling. As a writer, she dined regularly to drum up trend stories for Angeleno magazine. She eventually found herself at a hospitality-centric PR and Destination Marketing agency and is focused on promoting culinary tourism. Lisa is seen by her peers and friends as a GTA – Gastronomic Travel Advisor of the necessary places to eat and people to meet across the globe.

What are you eating? Make me hungry.” My grandpa would prompt me with this simple question anytime there was food on my plate. He’d ask me to describe it for him. He loved hearing about food. He loved hearing if you had an appetite.

Grandpa George grew to teach me everything I know about food: how to receive it, how to truly taste it, how to share it, and how to feed a family. His greatest gift to me was the ability to pick ripe fruit. This is not a superfluous life skill.

Make Me Hungry serves to be more than a recipe resource of what to cook, or destination dining guide of where to eat. It aims to inspire the discovery of how to eat: to develop a sensibility toward cooking and dining as a whole – from simply picking the ripest produce at the market, to appreciating the chef’s menu in front of you.

I’d love to hear from you. Email me at makemehungry15@gmail.com