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blushing tomoatoes

Summer Garden: Blushing

By On 07.10.11

Countdown until the perfect ruby red becomes full and vibrant...… Read More

garden peas

Summer Garden: Epic Growth

By On 05.22.11

It’s been exactly two months since my last garden check in. As you can see, these babies are THRIVING like crazy. I’ve already enjoyed the Calabrese broccoli (steamed and topped with a… Read More

young tomatoes

Summer Garden: Transplanting

By On 03.22.11

My favorite movie as a kid was The Secret Garden, and I always imagined I could be Mary with the secret key, walking among delicate vines and an abundance of flowers...… Read More

thinned seedlings

Garden Project: Thinning Seedlings

By On 02.11.11

It’s been about 4 weeks since I started my little seeds. After one week, their petite leaves popped up from their snug mossy havens, and I could barely distinguish the different varieties… Read More

sprouting seeds

Garden Project: Sprouting Seeds

By On 02.2.11

Stocking up on Seeds While tuned into the Cooking Channel one day, I heard the story of the Sustainable Seed Co. Based about 45 miles outside of San Francisco, their philosophy is… Read More

Raised Garden Bed

Garden Project: Building a Raised Bed

By On 01.22.11

Up until now I’ve been growing my herbs and veggies in pots, and they’ve done really well. But I have a dozen different seeds in the works and would like to upgrade… Read More


Garden Project: From the Beginning

By On 01.17.11

So here we go, Spring. I’m ready for you. I’ve researched your temperaments, I’ve plotted my approach. I’ve scheduled my time to fit yours but how I will take full advantage of… Read More