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Moments in Places

Moments in Places

Path of the Gods | Amalfi Coast

By On 10.25.15

“Ahh, mi scusi!”  I blurt as I squeeze past a tiny, elderly woman hauling two bags of provisions up a cobbled stairwell overlooking a shimmering Positano coastline. My fatigued quads from the… Read More

Moments in Places

Words from Les Caves in Burgundy

By On 03.3.15

Even when you are dining alone, you are never alone. That is the culture of wine. There is always a conversation. Rotem | Lucien Le Moine To mix one cask with another,… Read More

Moments in Places

U Fragnu | Venzolasca, Corsica

By On 01.10.15

In the evening, Sharon took us up into the hillside just outside of Bastia to wander through the ancient stairwells of Vescovato before dinner. The village 300-400 years old, but still a… Read More