Storytelling that
Creates an Appetite

Strategic PR for hospitality brands

No matter how brand stories are cooked up, digested, or consumed, make only plea:

Give me an appetite. Make me hungry.

Real people, real stories, real talk. The notion that enough PR spin can make anyone dizzy? Not here. We don’t sweet-talk or butter up. No cookie cutters are used in creating your campaign. The strategy is started from seed and serviced à la minute. We tell it like it is—because it’s your authentic narrative that drives our collaborative approach.

Lisa Strangis

Lisa Strangis

Press Agent & Strategist

A Los Angeles native, Lisa has immersed herself in various media and communications arenas and has a passion for promoting culinary talent, food brands and tourism destinations.

As a publicist, over the past 10 years she has cultivated dynamic PR campaigns for international travel clients, including the Tourism & Events Queensland and South Australian Tourism Commission and its luxury destination resorts and conceived the PR launch strategy for Hong Kong Airlines’ debut in North America, including the campaign launch with the airline’s celebrity ambassador, Jackie Chan. Among other highlights: hosting press trips to far-flung destinations from ancient farmlands in Sicily to road trips along the Great Ocean Road, supporting luxury boutique resorts, introducing newDTC food and beverage products, launching mixed-use real estate projects, and aligning hospitality groups with the awards show circuit, namely the Emmys and Grammys. Lisa sits on the Board of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, focused on promoting unique chefs, restaurants, culinary products and their narratives to bridge Italian food traditions and culture with American F&B lifestyle.
Prior to embarking on her career in PR, Lisa spent several years as a journalist and content creator, including positions with Angeleno magazine and gigs in television production and commercial photography, which fuels her holistic approach to navigating the modern media landscape. An overarching culinary passion keeps her close to the kitchen, cooking, food styling and developing recipes. Lisa is seen by peers and friends as a GTA—Gastronomic Travel Advisor—recommending must-have dishes traveling, from Australia to Burgundy. She has contributed recipes and personal essays to Life & Thyme and can be found hosting vintage wine dinner parties with her husband Walker, making her Instagram followers hungry for more.

Entrusted by luxury brands within culinary, wine & spirits, travel and tourism

Think of us as your seasoned press agents. Like a good quality steak, sometimes all you simply need is salt and pepper. Consider us an extension of your team that is as accessible as in-house help but is actually out in the field inspiring a far-reaching network of arbiters of kindred taste.

Adam Sobel Sicily

“What are you eating?
Make me hungry.”

“What are you eating? Make me hungry.”

Grandpa George at Carmel Market

My grandfather would prompt me with this simple question anytime there was food on my plate. He’d ask me to describe it for him. He loved hearing about food. He loved hearing if you had an appetite. It’s a perspective that made him a passionate storyteller (and a very convincing salesman).

Read moreI penned a personal essay for Life & Thyme about it
I’ve inherited this philosophy, and it has become the core tenant in my approach to PR and role in engaging with the hospitality community, anywhere in the world. No matter who sits at the top as “thought-leader” or how content may appear—digitized, printed, scrolled or virtually digested—the same principle is at the core: it has to make me hungry.
Lisa Strangis, Founder

Stirred up by passion, a glutton for results

Acting as front of house, we serve up your story to the top writers, editors and producers in the game. The greatest pleasure comes from illuminating your brand by connecting you with the brightest storytellers. It’s about plucking only the ripest angles from your story and personally gifting them to our cultivated contacts who dish out the best. The final product is precious.


These are the primary ingredients on the menu that we can tackle a la carte or scale up, given timeline, objectives and overall goals.

Earned Media
Custom and highly effective global media relations strategies, press kit, brand story, media tours and entertaining, visiting media programs, lobbying for awards and recognition
Brand Alliances
Strategic partnerships and affinity-based brand collaborations to maximize outreach, impact key target audiences; selective appearances & paid collaborative efforts
Event Ideation
ROI-driven hosted events, onsite support & personal representation at marquee industry activity; curate & execute events, in-market activations
Social Media Co-Direction
Develop and co-manage pages, storytelling direction, brand narrative, content creation, influencer engagement & develop industry advocacy

Let’s eat.

Make Me Hungry

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